Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vercingetorix Captured!

 I got this miniature quite a while back at Adepticon.  My Romans finally captured Vercingetorix.
Fun miniature, very easy to paint.  And it has a pretty cool look about him as well.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another Saga Saxon Warlord

This is another miniature that I just finished up.  I'm not sure of the manufacturer of this miniature.  I'm not sure where I even got this mini in the first place, or why for that matter.  Not a great looking mini.  I tried to spice it up a bit in the paint work and with the basing.
I think the shield turned out really cool on the base.  I plan to use that scheme on my own Saxon army.  This is another mini that I have no plan to keep and will likely place it up on eBay soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A SAGA Warlord...

 I finished up painting this miniature.  I'm not really sure who manufactured this mini to begin with.  The casting took a bit of work to smooth out.  I think the paint scheme turned out okay.
 Its kind of a neat pose.  The casting on the cape is a bit rough, but  it does kind of look a bit tattered.
I don't plan on keeping this miniature.  It will likely go up on auction on Ebay soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

More Work in Progress on the Desk

I'll have this bunch of Saxons and Vikings and support troops done by the end of the night and have another batch ready to go. 

Mostly Gripping Beast plastics..

Some Foundry thrown in.
The pic above of the 3 Reaper gals will take a bit longer to get done.  You can see Red Box Games, Mad Angus in the background, that's about done.

As always more to come.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

3 Old Foundry Vikings...

I have no real interest in keeping these 3 so they are up for sale.  They are rather old sculpts and definitely not my favorites when it comes to Vikings, but I think my paint work came out well on them.

The poses are definitely showing their age in my opinion.  The Axe man is alright.
I left the flocking off, for next Owner to decide.  Sometimes on my figures when I'm selling things off like this, I wonder if I should not just go ahead and floc them.
As always much more to follow.....

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A new Arthurian...

This is another Arthurian miniatures from Saxon Miniatures.  Kind of a cool looking miniature.  I did convert it slightly with a plastic spear from another kit.
As with the other Arthurians that I have painted, I think the heads are a little on the large size.
 Other than that the miniature is very nice, and paints well.  Arthurians are really not something that I'm interested in, so this miniature is going up on eBay for sale as well. 
As always much more to follow....the Saxons from the previous post have cleared the WIP desk, and been replaced by another batch.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

WIP on the Desk

Well, I'm making some progress with a lot of stuff on the desk, mostly Saxons and Vikings and support troops for both.

I threw into this group one of the Saxon Miniatures' Viking Warlords.  Its a cool miniature and will look good as part of my Viking army.
Below you can see some more of the Saxons and some of the Gripping Beast support figures made from their plastic Dark Ages.  In the background you can see a Blood Rage Viking, cool figure.
 Below are more of the dark ages figures, mostly slingers.  I've been reading a little bit on Gripping Beast's no large warfare rules set Swordpoint.  The 20mm square base should work out fine with some movement trays for that and WAB, Saga, Hail Caesar, etc.
With these I've been playing with the Secret Weapon's washes.  They work pretty well.  Probably as well as anything else that I have used.